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Guarantee the timeliness and ensure the supply - the green channel promotes sales


"We have a batch of cabbage that needs to be exported urgently. If we miss the shipping schedule, the loss will be big. I hope the customs can arrange inspection as soon as possible." Recently, Dong Xiaoliang, manager of Qingdao Shuxin Vegetable Co., Ltd., called Qingdao Dagang Customs for import and export of fresh and perishable vegetables. The contact number of the green channel for the territorial inspection of agricultural and food products.

After receiving the company's request, Wang Xiaolong, the chief of the third inspection section of Qingdao Dagang Customs, immediately arranged for customs officers to rush to the company for inspection, and at the same time instructed the company to make relevant preparations. After the inspection, the phytosanitary certificate was issued as soon as possible. Dishes are soon shipped for export.

Qingdao has suitable climate, soil and water, and unique conditions for planting and processing agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits. It is an important production base for export agricultural and food products in my country. Since May 11 this year, Qingdao Dagang Customs has opened a green channel for the territorial inspection of import and export of fresh, live and perishable agricultural and food products. Through active public appointment phone calls, priority inspections and "5+2" appointment inspections are implemented to quickly respond to corporate demands. , to ensure the safe and smooth customs clearance of fresh and live products.

In addition, Qingdao Dagang Customs also guides enterprises to implement pest and disease monitoring and control plans during the production and processing of agricultural products, helping enterprises to improve the quality of exported food and agricultural products, and exploring pilot export fruits and seedlings on the basis of national biosafety monitoring and safety risk monitoring. New models such as "rapid release of third-party testing reports + issuance of certificates for passing official tests" for flowers, and fast customs clearance for outbound bamboo, wood and grass products, such as "fumigation of raw materials + write-off of finished products", help the "preservation" of specialty agricultural products in the jurisdiction to be exported and sold well overseas.