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Can Frozen Fresh Cabbage be eaten?

In the winter when vegetables are scarce, we prepare some Fresh Cabbage rich in vitamins and fiber. When we want to eat, we take out stews and stews. The whole family sits around the warm dining table and enjoys the food. It is really delicious. So happy. However, what if the cabbage is not stored properly in winter and is frozen? Can such Frozen Fresh Cabbage still be eaten?

Frozen Fresh Cabbage can be eaten, as long as the cabbage is not spoiled, you can continue to eat it. Because ordinary people in many places do not have such large refrigerators to store cabbage, and there is no suitable storage room, frostbite of cabbage is also very common, but as long as cabbage is completely frozen and ice crystals appear, it can be eaten after normal melting. If it rots, it must be thrown away.