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How to fries with Fresh Potato

Fresh Potato French fries are simple, you can make them at home.

First prepare the ingredients: Fresh Potato, salt, tomato sauce, pepper, cooking oil

The practice of Fresh Potato French fries:

1. Peel the prepared potatoes first, then cut them into strips for later use.

2. Add appropriate amount of water and edible salt to the bowl, soak the prepared potato chips in the bowl for about fifteen minutes, and remove the water to drain.

3. Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pan, heat the oil for 70% to 80%, pour the drained potatoes into the oil pan and fry them until they are golden on both sides.

4. Drain the oil on the potato chips, and then add some salt and pepper to make the French fries.

The method of French fries is relatively simple. In daily life, you can use some potatoes to make French fries at home, and you can eat them with some other condiments when making French fries. The French fries produced in this way The taste is relatively good. However, the oil temperature must be well controlled. Too high temperature will make the fries batter, so you need to pay attention to it during the frying process.