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The nutritional value of potatoes

Potatoes are a kind of food that our family loves to eat. Not only in China, there are various ways to eat potatoes in all parts of the world, but do you know how to preserve potatoes?

Let me talk about the problems that can occur if potatoes are improperly preserved. The first is that they turn green and wilted. Although the taste of potatoes is okay at this time, they are not as fresh as they were just bought, and they don’t have as much moisture when they are eaten.

Secondly, there is the problem of potato sprouting. Although it cannot be said that potatoes must be "toxic" and cannot be eaten after they have sprouted, it is absolutely true that they have poor taste and taste, and peeling potatoes after sprouting is also a big problem. So how can we keep the potatoes from turning green and sprouting for a long time? Today I will teach you a trick to keep the potatoes fresh without sprouting, and after a period of storage, they can be as fresh as potatoes just bought.

The first step: wipe the dirt off the surface of the potatoes you bought home, and let them dry for two days.

Do not wash the potatoes with water after you buy them, they will be easily damaged after washing, but use a paper towel or cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface. Putting it in a cool and ventilated place to dry is to evaporate some of the water on the surface of the potatoes, so that the potatoes can be stored for a long time.

Step 2: Pick out some rotten or cracked potatoes and put them in a basket. When you want to eat potatoes in the future, eat these first, because such potatoes cannot be stored for too long, so you must eat them first. Drop.

Step 3: After the potatoes are picked, wrap them in plastic wrap.

When wrapping potatoes, you don't need to wrap all the potatoes individually, just seal them well.

Step 4: Find a big black plastic bag, put the potatoes covered with plastic wrap, and wrap them so that the plastic bag completely wraps the potatoes without leaving any gaps.

Note that the plastic bag must be black, so that it will not transmit light, and it will be more effective to keep the potatoes.

Step 5: Put the wrapped potatoes in a cool and ventilated place, try not to let them close to a place with too high temperature, prevent the too high temperature from forming water vapor between the potatoes and the plastic wrap, and do not put it in too low temperature Locally, the storage life of potatoes will also be reduced.

The above is all the steps for preserving potatoes. This method can isolate the external stains from causing damage to the potatoes, and also prevent the moisture in the air from passing away, so even if it is left for a year and then eaten out, it is like just buying it. Fresh. There will be no signs of turning green, wilting, or sprouting.

Dear friends, how do you usually preserve potatoes, and how do you keep them from sprouting or breaking? If you have a novel method of your own, please leave a message to me. If not, you can also save and share this method with More people, we will use this trick to save potatoes in the future.