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Is it Better to Eat Vitamin Organic Carrot Raw or Cooked?

First of all, we must understand whether carrot nutrition is easy to absorb, mainly refers to the carotene. Carotene is fat-soluble, so it needs fat to help it absorb it. Generally speaking, we add oil when cooking dishes, so cooked carrots usually have oil, so from this level, cooked carrots are indeed very nutritious.
However, in recent years, more and more people like to eat raw vegetables. It is enough to eat raw foods with oil at the same time as raw foods. For example, eat raw peanuts or raw walnuts while eating raw carrots. In this case, peanuts And the oil in walnuts can help absorb carotene.
In this way, the nutritional value of raw Vitamin Organic Carrot and cooked Vitamin Organic Carrot seems to be the same. However, cooked carrots still have a unique advantage. After the food is heated, the cell wall of the food will rupture and dissolve, which is beneficial to the β-carrots in the cells. The element dissolves out and is absorbed by the body after extensive contact with oil.

In general, Vitamin Organic Carrots are best eaten cooked and cooked with a small amount of cooking oil. If they are eaten raw, such as shredded radish in a cold salad, adding a proper amount of sesame oil to stir will increase the absorption rate of carotene.