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Growth habits of potatoes


A suitable growth environment can improve the yield and quality of potatoes. This article briefly introduces the growth habits of potatoes.

①Temperature: Sexual preference is cold and not tolerant to high temperature. During the growth period, the average daily temperature is 17℃~21℃.
②Light: high light intensity, high leaf light and high intensity, early tuber formation, higher tuber yield and starch content.
③Moisture: The transpiration coefficient of potato is between 400 and 600. If the total rainfall is between 400-500mm and is evenly distributed in the growing season, the water demand of potatoes can be met.
④Soil: The plant has very strict requirements on the soil. The soil with deep topsoil, loose structure, good drainage and aeration, and rich in organic matter is the most suitable, especially the soil with large porosity and good aeration, which can better meet the growth of roots and tubers. The need for oxygen.
⑤Nutrition: The growth and development of potatoes need more than ten kinds of nutrient elements. For the three elements of fertilizer, potassium is the most, followed by nitrogen, and phosphorus is the least.