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Economic value of potatoes

In recent years, potato food processing and starch processing industries have developed rapidly. In the food processing industry, potatoes can be used as raw materials to be processed into various quick-frozen convenience foods and snack foods, such as dehydrated products, fried potato chips, quick-frozen French fries, puffed foods, etc. At the same time, it can also further process fruit glucon syrup and lemon Acids, biodegradable plastics, adhesives, reinforcing agents and various additives in medicine, etc.

Potato starch is more competitive than corn starch in the world market. High-yielding potato countries use about 40% of the total output for starch processing, and 25% of the world's starch production comes from potatoes. Compared with the starches of other crops, potato starch has higher gelatinization degree, lower gelatinization temperature, good transparency, strong cohesive force and greater stretchability. Modified potato starch has applications in many fields, such as the processing of derivatives, the production of fructose syrup, the production of citric acid, and the production of biodegradable plastics.

According to experts' calculations, the value of potato can be doubled when processed into ordinary starch, special starch can be increased by more than ten times, biological glue can be produced by more than 60 times, and processed into fried potato chips, potato chips, and puffed food can be increased by 5 to 10 times.