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Shuxin Vegetable Handling Workers' Specification for Handling Vegetables


1. The stevedore must arrive at the company within half an hour after the warehouse management phone informs.

2. Before unloading, you must wear protective equipment as required.

3. Personal items cannot be stored in the unloading area (such as mobile phones, keys, etc.).

4. When handling raw materials, you must handle them with care.

5. When unloading, the deformed carton must be placed on the top, and the raw materials of each board must be placed neatly on the four sides.

6. When unloading large tomato raw materials, the raw materials of each basket must be placed in place to prevent the corner of the plastic basket from pressing the tomatoes.

7. During the unloading process, it is not allowed to step on the original vegetable cartons to unload.

8. During the unloading process, raw materials are not allowed to be taken or eaten.

9. After unloading, the platform and the sanitation under the platform must be cleaned, and unloading tools must be arranged.