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The importance of washing vegetables carefully


Many vegetables on the market look very fresh and very clean on the surface, but in fact they may "have another secret."

Most people are blinded by the "glossy" appearance of vegetables and relax their vigilance when washing vegetables.

Cabbage has always been one of the most popular vegetables. Cabbage has many names, such as cabbage, cabbage, kale, lotus, and cabbage.

Many people believe that cabbage is very fresh, especially after the outermost layers of "coat" are removed, the fresh and tender leaves should not leave any fertilizer or pesticide, and many people even cook directly without washing it.

You may not know that in the process of growing cabbage, vegetable farmers will spray some pesticides in order to prevent the cabbage from being eaten by bugs. These pesticides have a certain penetration effect.

Don't think that the inside of the cabbage is very clean. Simply wash it. Instead, you need to pluck every leaf of the cabbage for cleaning. This situation is the same as the growth and cleaning methods of many fresh vegetables.

Therefore, when we face vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage, lettuce leaves, lettuce, etc., don't be blinded by the fresh appearance, thinking that fresh vegetables only need simple washing.