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Efficacy and function of cabbage and eating taboo

The efficacy and role of cabbage

1. Cabbage can promote the digestion of the intestines and make the intestines moist and loose. Cabbage contains a lot of fiber and vitamins. They can digest, promote gastrointestinal motility, help the body excrete toxins, replenish intestinal water and prevent constipation and improve indigestion.

2, increase the body's immunity. Cabbage is rich in nutrients, rich in a variety of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., which can supplement the human body's required elements, increase human nutrition, enhance human immunity, prevent diseases, and prevent minor diseases such as colds.

3. Eat more cabbage to beautify your face, lose weight and lose weight. Because cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E, they can play a good role on the skin, can improve skin dehydration, make the skin more moisturized, shiny, and prevent skin pigmentation, cabbage can promote digestion, there is no fat in it The content is also a good choice for people who lose weight.

4.Cabbage can cure stomach ulcer. Cabbage contains some trace elements, which can promote the healing of the surface of the ulcer, have a good recovery effect on the human gastric ulcer, can promote the healing of the surface of the ulcer, relieve pain, and have a great effect on the recovery of the disease. benefit. Cabbage is rich in vitamin U, which has a good therapeutic effect on ulcers, can accelerate the healing of ulcers, and can also prevent the malignant transformation of gastric ulcers. 

The taboo of cabbage

【Cold constitution, poor gastrointestinal function, chronic gastroenteritis】Patients should eat with caution