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The nutritional value of purple cabbage


Purple cabbage is a common ingredient in life. Many people like to add purple cabbage to salads. So what are the health benefits of eating purple cabbage?

Purple cabbage is rich in nutrients, and its main nutrients are similar to those of cabbage. Each kilogram of fresh vegetables contains 27 to 34 grams of carbohydrates. 11-16 grams of crude protein, which contains more vitamins and minerals than cabbage. Therefore, it is recognized that the nutritional value of purple cabbage is higher than that of headed cabbage.

It has more nutrients because of its deep purple color. In particular, it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and B family, and it also has deep purple anti-oxidant anthocyanins.

2.Folic acid
Rich in folic acid, this is an advantage of cabbage vegetables. Therefore, pregnant women and patients with anemia should eat more. It is also an important beauty product for women.

Purple cabbage is rich in sulfur. The main function of this element is to kill insects and relieve itching. It has a certain effect on various skin itching, eczema and other diseases. Therefore, regular consumption of this kind of vegetables is very beneficial for maintaining skin health.

Anyone who regularly eats cabbage vegetables can easily meet the body's demand for fiber. The large amount of fiber contained in these vegetables can enhance gastrointestinal function, promote intestinal peristalsis, and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, regular consumption of cabbage vegetables can also prevent allergies, so people with skin allergies should consider cabbage as a reserved dish.

5.Iron element
The iron element in purple cabbage can increase the oxygen content in the blood and help the body to burn fat, which is beneficial to weight loss.