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The source of radish

Radish is a two-year or annual herbaceous plant of the cruciferous family Radish, 20-100 cm high, taproot fleshy, oblong, spherical or conical, with green, white or red skin, branched stems, glabrous, and slightly bearded Powder cream. The racemes are terminal and axillary, the flowers are white or pink, the fruit stalk is 1-1.5 cm long, the flowering period is from April to May, and the fruit period is from May to June.

Historical research The primitive species of radish originated from wild radish on the warm coast of Europe and Asia. The radish is one of the ancient cultivated crops in the world. As far back as 4,500 years ago, radish has become an important food in Egypt. It is commonly cultivated throughout China.

Radish roots are used as vegetables; seeds, fresh roots, dead roots, and leaves are used as medicine. The seeds reduce food and reduce phlegm, fresh roots quench thirst, help digestion, dry roots help diuresis, leaves cure first dysentery, and prevent dysentery. Seed oil is used for industrial use and edible.