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Difficult to storage Chinese cabbage? Teach you two tricks, easy to storage

The best storage place for Chinese cabbage is the refrigerator. No matter what kind of vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator, the storage space of the refrigerator is limited.

The first method: adopt the oldest method of storage-cellar storage. When there was no cold storage before, vendors would dig a large cellar to store cabbage. Now if you live in the countryside, you can dig a 1 meter deep hole in the shade of the wall in the yard to make a cellar. When the outdoor temperature drops below zero, put the Chinese cabbage in the cellar for storage.

The second method: Remove the rotten leaves and yellow leaves of the Chinese cabbage that you buy home. Do not remove the good cabbage leaves inside, because these leaves can help the cabbage lock the water during storage. After removing the dry leaves and yellow leaves, place the Chinese cabbage roots facing south in the sun for 3-4 days. Turn the Chinese cabbage over several times in the middle so that the cabbage will not be diseased during storage. This method is suitable for people living in cities.

No matter which method is used to store Chinese cabbage, the prerequisite is to dry the Chinese cabbage in advance, and the Chinese cabbage can be stored for a long time no matter how it is stored.