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6 kinds of vegetables cannot be less in autumn

From the seasonal point of view, autumn is the harvest season, and it is also a good time for people to recuperate their body and mind. From the perspective of Chinese medicine health preservation, autumn health preservation can not only prevent and control common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in autumn, but also enhance the body's ability to adapt to the cold climate after autumn and improve physical fitness .

Here are 6 kinds of vegetables suitable for autumn to eat for everyone:

Spinach in autumn receives more sunshine, and it contains more nutrients such as lutein and chlorophyll. Spinach is a good source of vitamin B2 and beta-carotene. When vitamin B2 is sufficient, the eyes are not easily filled with bloodshot eyes; and β-carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which can prevent the symptoms of "dry eye" such as dry eyes after using a computer. Therefore, spinach is the best choice for office workers who often use their eyes.

lotus root
Autumn is the harvest season of lotus roots, and it is also the time when the taste and nutrition of lotus roots are the best. In addition to containing a lot of carbohydrates, fresh lotus roots are also rich in protein and various vitamins and minerals. The lotus joints between the broken lotus roots are a good medicine, which can invigorate the spleen and appetite, promote metabolism and digestion, nourish blood, and stop bleeding. It can also help improve complexion and achieve the effect of beautifying skin.

Radish contains more water, vitamin C, quantitative calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates and a small amount of protein, iron and other vitamins. It also contains lignin, amylase, mustard oil and other beneficial ingredients. Radish has a cool and sweet taste, enters the lungs and the second meridian of the stomach. It can eliminate stagnation, resolve phlegm heat, lower the qi, and detoxify. It is used for food accumulation and urination problems. It is common in autumn indigestion and wind-heat. Type cold, tonsillitis, cough and sputum, sore throat and other diseases have adjuvant treatment effects.

The vitamin C content of cabbage is 3.5 times that of tomatoes, and the content of calcium is twice that of cucumbers. It also contains more trace elements molybdenum and manganese. It is an essential raw material for the human body to produce active substances such as enzymes and hormones. Promote the body's material metabolism.

green bean sprouts
Experts pointed out that eating mung bean sprouts in early autumn can remove heat toxins from the body. The nutritional value of mung bean sprouts is greater than that of mung bean. During the germination of mung bean, part of the protein will be broken down into free amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body.

Mushrooms, dubbed "mountain treasures", are rich in minerals, especially potassium. In addition, mushrooms are also rich in dietary fiber. What's more commendable is that the taste of mushrooms is tender and smooth, not as difficult to swallow as other high-fiber foods.