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What is the reason for the recent high vegetable prices?


At a press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Beijing on October 26, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that the supply of goods in Beijing is currently stable and in good order. The grain and oil market has sufficient supply and reserves, and the prices of major grain and oil varieties included in the monitoring are stable. The supply of meat, eggs, vegetables, which are widely concerned by the society, is stable, and the main wholesale markets, chain supermarkets, e-commerce and direct supply enterprises are adequately stocked. However, affected by many factors, the prices of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, in Beijing continued to rise after the eleventh.

The first is to enter the winter supply period immediately. Vegetables in this city will start to shift from the supply of northern vegetables to southern vegetables. The transportation distance will increase, and the increase in coal and other energy prices will increase the cost of greenhouses in the north, which will lead to an increase in production costs;

Second, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is severe, and uncertain factors such as tightening and stricter control measures in many places will increase transportation costs;

The third is that the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held soon, and the two festivals are about to come, the demand will gradually rise, and there will be a pre-holiday effect.