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Only salt and oil are used to stir-fry cabbage? No, these two seasonings are very important


Cabbage has always been one of the most popular vegetables, especially when everyone eats in a restaurant, every meal needs torn cabbage.

The cabbage is very fresh and tender. If the cooking skill is good, the cabbage can be fried crispy and delicious. I have fried the cabbage several times, but the taste of the fried cabbage is always not as good as half as good as the restaurant. A kind of vegetable, but its cooking method is still exquisite!

Generally, people only add salt and oil when frying vegetables, so as to keep the vegetables fresh and tender. However, you can't just add oil and salt to stir-fried cabbage. If you stir-fry cabbage over a high fire, add appropriate amount of sugar and balsamic vinegar, so that the fried cabbage will be more delicious. If the sugar and vinegar are omitted, the cabbage will not be fragrant or crispy, and it will be very difficult to taste.

Make them into a sauce, stir-fry the cabbage until it has a fragrant flavor, then pour in the sauce. Continue to stir-fry evenly, and the pan is ready for cooking.