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After the Spring Festival, the market of "vegetable basket" and "fruit plate" goes like this


The Lantern Festival has passed, how is the market for "vegetable baskets" and "fruit plates" in Fuzhou? The reporter learned from the city's commerce department on the 17th that according to the monitoring of major supermarkets, wholesale markets, and farmers' markets, the wholesale price of vegetables in the Fuzhou market fell within a narrow range, the price of pork fell slightly, and the wholesale price of eggs rebounded slightly.

Vegetable and pork prices fall slightly


"After the holiday, Fuzhou has sufficient supply of vegetables and rich varieties. In terms of prices, the prices of vegetables and pork are falling, but the price of eggs may rebound slightly." A relevant person from the city's commerce department said that monitoring shows that at present, the average mixed wholesale price of vegetables is 4.94 yuan. /kg, a decrease of 0.8% compared with the previous week. As the weather improves, vegetable prices are expected to fluctuate. In terms of pork prices, pork prices fell slightly. The purchase price of live pigs, the wholesale price of pork and the retail price of pork were 15.83 yuan/kg, 19.99 yuan/kg and 35.10 yuan/kg, respectively, down 2.58% and 1.62% compared with the previous week. , 1.18%. Affected by the off-season of pork consumption after the festival, pork prices are expected to fluctuate and decline. In terms of eggs, the wholesale price of eggs was 8.38 yuan/kg, an increase of 1.08% compared with the previous week. Affected by changes in market supply and demand, egg prices are expected to fluctuate slightly.

Fruit prices fall, some 50% off


Before the Spring Festival, the prices of some fruits in the Fuzhou market rose. Compared with the pre-holiday period, the current fruit prices have taken a big turn. In particular, the price of cherries has fallen significantly.


"Before the festival, buying a little better cherries cost more than 400 yuan per 5kg, and now it costs more than 200 yuan per 5kg." Ms. Lin, a customer at a fruit store on Guxi Road, told reporters. A number of fruit merchants also said that at present, the price of Chilean cherries JJ grade fruit has dropped from 138 yuan/kg to 73.8 yuan/kg; on the Pupu APP, the special price of cherries JJJJ grade fruit is only 120 yuan per kilogram . Compared with the price of nearly 200 yuan per kilogram before the holiday, the current price can be described as a "big dive". Merchants said that the price of cherries plummeted after the holiday, mainly because of high production. In another month or so, cherries will also be out of the market, and there will not be any major price fluctuations in the future, and it may be at the bottom.