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Jiaozhou's main force to build brand strength


Brightly colored red peppers, potatoes with yellow skin and tender meat, authentic black pork, green and plump Chinese cabbage, sweet and juicy watermelons, sweet and crispy peaches... Enter the "Glue Flavor" area for public use On the site of the brand production and sales area, a variety of agricultural products are dazzling, attracting many citizens to stop and try early adopters. "We have a good climate in Jiaozhou, and there are many types and good quality of agricultural products. Now the number of well-known agricultural product brands is gradually increasing, and I hope the future will be better and better." Ms. Zang, who came to the Harvest Festival with her family, said in an interview.

"Through the annual Harvest Festival fair, more and more people know about our potatoes. Potatoes are also being purchased by more and more merchants from all over the country through the brand of 'Jiaowei Lingxian'." Song Zengtai, president of Jiaozhou Potato Association and head of Potato Professional Cooperative, who participated in the exhibition, said happily. At present, potatoes are one of the most important agricultural products in Jiaozhou, with a planting area of about 150,000 mu and an overall output value of 500 to 700 million yuan.

"Tie the vegetable root with a red-headed rope, hang it upside down at the front of the fruit store, and respect it as a 'gum vegetable'." This is Lu Xun's description of Jiaozhou Chinese cabbage in his work "Pickup of Flowers in the Morning". When it comes to Jiaozhou, we cannot fail to mention Chinese cabbage. After years of operation, Chinese cabbage has become a golden sign of Jiaozhou agricultural products. "Jiaozhou is also actively helping branded agricultural products to 'go out', and Chinese cabbage is becoming more and more famous." Zhang Juke, vice president of Jiaozhou Chinese Cabbage Association and head of Jiaolai Lvcun Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative, said in an interview that many Buyers all place "orders" in advance, and Chinese cabbage is now not worrying about selling.