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When buying cabbage, choose light or heavy, firm or loose?


After entering the summer, it is time to eat cabbage. At this time, the taste of cabbage is particularly crisp, and the nutritional value is also high. It is especially suitable for cold salads, stir-frying, and soups.

However, when we are shopping for cabbage, do you know how to choose the best?

Did you choose light or heavy cabbage before? Should I buy the tight one, or the loose one? Let me tell you more about it today.

When shopping for cabbage, be sure to keep 5 key points in mind to get the best quality cabbage.

1. Look at the appearance

When many people buy cabbage, they like to buy those that look particularly smooth. In fact, on the contrary, the more potholes on the surface, the more high-quality cabbage.

Because cabbage will attract certain mosquitoes during the growth process, some small potholes will be formed on its surface, which belongs to green vegetables and is not sprayed with pesticides.

Many of those cabbage with smooth surfaces have been sprayed with pesticides. Although they look good, there are actually a lot of pesticide residues. If you eat too much, it is not good for human health.

2. Look at the color

There are two main colors of cabbage, one is white in color, and the other is green in color. When faced with these two kinds of cabbage, the greener the color, the more suitable it is to buy.

Because of the whitish color of cabbage, its maturity cycle will be very short, many of which are grown in vegetable greenhouses, and the sunlight is not very sufficient, so the nutritional value is not as high as that of naturally grown cabbage.

The more sunlight the cabbage is exposed to, the greener its color will be. The greener the color, the longer the growth cycle will be. The higher the content of nutrients such as chlorophyll and vitamins in the cabbage, the more suitable it is to buy. vegetable. round

The varieties of cabbage are relatively rich. There are mainly two kinds of cabbage we can encounter on the market, one is round and the other is heart-shaped.

In the face of these two kinds of cabbage, I suggest that everyone should choose the round cabbage for purchase, because the taste of the round cabbage will be more crisp, and the taste after cooking will be better.

The most important thing is the storage time of round cabbage, which will be longer than that of heart-shaped cabbage.

4. buy heavy weight

When buying cabbage, we must remember to weigh it with our hands. The heavier the weight of cabbage below the same size, the more moisture it has inside.

The more moisture, the more crispy the cabbage will taste. Many of those cabbage that are light and fluffy are stored for too long, and the internal moisture has been lost too much, so don’t buy them.

At the same time, we also have to remember to pinch the hardness of the cabbage with your hands. The harder the hardness, the fresher the cabbage. The soft cabbage is also the cabbage that has been preserved for a long time.

5. Look at the roots

Some cabbage looks good, but after buying it home, you will find that its interior has begun to deteriorate. How to choose such a cabbage? Just look at its roots.

Because the root of cabbage is the main part of its nutrient absorption, the fresher the root, the shorter the picking time and the fresher the quality of the cabbage.

If the roots are shriveled, or even sprouted or moldy, it proves that such cabbage has been picked for a long time, and the interior has even deteriorated, so don’t buy it.

The above are 5 key points to keep in mind when buying cabbage. Have you used these cabbage selection skills before?

The correct cleaning method of cabbage, remember to collect

The cabbage that can be bought in the market either has bacterial impurities, or there are dirty things such as pesticide residues, so when cleaning the cabbage, it is best to soak it in salt water for 10 minutes.

Salt has good sterilization and disinfection, and removes pesticide residues. Under the immersion of salt water, the surface of cabbage can become cleaner and more hygienic to eat.