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  • Cabbage is a cool-season vegetable suited to both spring and fall. Seethe Cabbage Growing Guide with instructions on how to plant and grow thispopular, leafy vegetable—which is packed with vitamins!


  • Sales for Chinese cabbages from Poland are higher than they were last year. Overall the season has been pretty standard so far, although it is expected that the prices, which are already higher than last season, will continue to increase.


  • The whole production process of organic carrots must be carried out in accordance with the production method of organic agriculture, that is, the production technology standards of organic food must be strictly followed in the whole production process, that is, no pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth regulators are used in the production process.


  • Since March, with the arrival of new crop cabbage and Chinese cabbage in the new season, Shuxin's vegetable inventory has increased significantly, so the delivery speed has also been faster.


  • Brightly colored red peppers, potatoes with yellow skin and tender meat, authentic black pork, green and plump Chinese cabbage, sweet and juicy watermelons, sweet and crispy peaches... Enter the "Glue Flavor" area for public use On the site of the brand production and sales area, a variety of agricultural products are dazzling, attracting many citizens to stop and try early adopters.


  • Organic Fresh Radish is a root vegetable, a biennial plant belonging to the genus Radish in the cruciferous family.