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  • Cabbage is an incredibly versatile vegetable. In many regions of the world, cabbage is featured in a number of delicious, healthy and hearty dishes. Here are some tips for how to use cabbage.


  • Most people are blinded by the "glossy" appearance of vegetables and relax their vigilance when washing vegetables. Cabbage has always been one of the most popular vegetables. Cabbage has many names, such as cabbage, cabbage, kale, lotus, and cabbage.


  • In the context of modern agriculture, vegetable cultivation techniques have made great progress, and new varieties of vegetables and off-season vegetables have been loved by people. In order to meet people's dietary needs, we must increase the research and analysis of vegetable cultivation techniques and promote the improvement of vegetable cultivation techniques.


  • Select the Best Potatoes: Look for clean, smooth, firm-textured potatoes with no cuts, bruises or discoloration.


  • The taste of cabbage is crisp and sweet, very delicious, and it is rich in nutrients. The nutritional value of cabbage is almost the same as that of Chinese cabbage, and the content of vitamin C is about twice as high.


  • Shuxin attaches great importance to the transportation and storage of vegetables. In order to prevent the vegetables from being damaged during the transportation process, we have a series of strict requirements on the vegetable transportation process.