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  • From the seasonal point of view, autumn is the harvest season, and it is also a good time for people to recuperate their body and mind. From the perspective of Chinese medicine health preservation, autumn health preservation can not only prevent and control common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in autumn, but also enhance the body's ability to adapt to the cold climate after autumn and improve physical fitness.


  • The best storage place for Chinese cabbage is the refrigerator. No matter what kind of vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator, the storage space of the refrigerator is limited.


  • Organic Carrot include Vitamin Organic Carrot, Organic Carrot Full Of Vitamin, Organic Fresh Carrot, Farm Growing Organic Carrots.


  • Radish is a two-year or annual herbaceous plant of the cruciferous family Radish, 20-100 cm high, taproot fleshy, oblong, spherical or conical, with green, white or red skin, branched stems, glabrous, and slightly bearded Powder cream.


  • Purple cabbage is a common ingredient in life. Many people like to add purple cabbage to salads. So what are the health benefits of eating purple cabbage?


  • Cabbage can promote the digestion of the intestines and make the intestines moist and loose. Cabbage contains a lot of fiber and vitamins. They can digest, promote gastrointestinal motility, help the body excrete toxins, replenish intestinal water and prevent constipation and improve indigestion.